They are not called teething troubles for nothing! When teeth start to emerge in babies, it can lead to irritation, and discomfort. We can help ease the discomfort and put the smile back on your little one's face.


Milk bottle decay of kid's teeth-This is a very common form of tooth decay that spreads like wild fire, caused by prolonged exposure to milk and sugary drinks fed through baby bottles just before or during the sleep cycle of the child. The upper front teeth are most often affected. Prompt treatment and preventive measures can safeguard your child’s baby teeth. It is common among very young kids with both the parents working. If neglected, professional charges can run into thousands.



Surface scaling is done on kids to remove plaque (bacterial build up mixed with food) and ugly coloured stains due to staining bacteria. Keeping your child’s mouth clean keeps sore throat, painful ulcers and sinus infections at bay. Ask your dentist to teach your child how to floss teeth the right way.


Tooth Decay or Caries

Tooth decay is a common chronic disease in children, and 4 out of 10 children have decayed milk teeth. The caries is removed and fillings are used for the cavity to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Habits (Thumb sucking, LIP/Nail biting, tongue thrusting, etc)

These cause distorted alignment issues like overbite, under bite etc. As kids have very tender and mouldable jaw structure, the jaws usually change shape in the direction of uneven forces exerted during such habits. Specially designed, individualised dental appliances are available to discourage such destructive habits among kids.


Maintain & manage space for permanent teeth

The milk teeth have an important function — they act as place holders for permanent teeth. Early loss of these teeth due to cavities or infection can cause wrongly aligned teeth. In such cases, we help maintain space for permanent teeth with filling, root canal, band and loop etc.

Fluoride Applications

Fluoride treatment is a widely accepted method to prevent tooth decay. But please do not let your kids eat tooth paste with fluorides. They have to spit it out and rinse their mouth. Especially the flavoured toothpastes!



Are done to protect the tooth from further disintegration and decay. Fillings can be permanent or temporary, depending on the depth of the cavity. They may be done with tooth coloured or non-tooth coloured materials. Delay of fillings leads to total destruction of tooth structure and various infections. Root Canal Treatrnent may be advised to rectify those infective and uncornfortable conditions. Totally destroyed teeth have to be taken out to prevent the spread of decay to other teeth. But in kids infective tooth treatment can be customised according to their basic needs.


Our clinical setup can also prevent ,manage and correct growth and devolopment issues of the mouth with braces/orthodontic treatment.

Emergency Pain Management Solutions

Emergency Pain Management Solutions - We provide various pain management solutions, these vary from person to person.