MobiDent Academy FOR Dental Excellence


Each of our dentists are trained at the MobiDent Academy For Dental Excellence and are exposed to
  • 1. SCIENTIFIC : Latest scientific knowledge & techniques in modern dentistry.
  • 2. EMPATHY : Empathetic approach to dental care to allay your fears & concerns.
  • 3. Experience : Each dentist has more than 5 years experience and have completed more than 2500 procedures to deliver painless dentistry.

We currently have 45 dentists and dental care support team in Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mysore and Nairobi.

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Our Team

Our dentists on an average have 3 to 7 years experience.

Dentists who visit homes are put through world class training and only the best who have treated over 2000 patients and performed over 2500 procedures are qualified to offer painless treatment at home.