Surface Scaling

Surface Scaling Surface Scaling is used to prevent gum disease (pyorrhoea) at a very early stage. This procedure removes bacterial build up, called plaque, nicotine stains; paan/gutka stains etc from the teeth and gum line. Ask your dentist to teach you Flossing. It's never too late to learn.


Oral Prophylaxis

That's when a dentist speaks about a thorough cleaning to remove bacterial deposits like plaque, tartar and other noxious food deposits from all around the teeth and to a certain extent below the gum line. It is also done to remove oral causes of bad breadth.


Cigarette Stains and Tar

Smoking leads to a variety of dental problems like bad breath, discoloration of teeth and gum diseases. These conditions can be treated by timely procedures like oral prophylaxis, to return your teeth to health.



Fillings are done to protect the tooth from further disintegration and decay. Fillings can be perrnanent or temporary, depending on the depth of the cavity. They may be done with tooth coloured or non-tooth coloured rnaterials. Delay of fillings leads to total destruction of the tooth structure and cause various infections. Root Canal Treatment may be advised to rectify those infective and uncomfortble conditions. Totally destroyed teeth have to be taken out to prevent the spread of decay to other teeth.

Regular wear and tear

Wear and tear is a natural result of the sheer amount of use we put our teeth to, from the age of 6 to the 60’s. Sometimes, biting down on hard objects like nut shells, peanut brittle etc can cause cracking and chipping of teeth. These are treated using fissure sealants and crowns.

Grinding of Teeth

Bruxism is the grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaw, often in sleep, as a result of stress or certain medication. This can wear out tooth surfaces and even cause difficulty in mouth opening. Treatrnents include mouth guards, mouth splint and other relaxation exercises.


Medically Compromised Situations

We are equipped to provide dental treatments even in patients with health complications like diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems and immobility. In such situations please inform us in advance so that we can decide the most appropriate mode of treatment for you. It helps us diagnose and treat you appropriately if one puts forth their medical conditions and follows medication protocols well in advance.



Teeth can wear down into uneven edges.The shape and appearence of such teeth is improved using cronoplasty.The dentist gently reshapes tooth enamel ,altering the size and shape of the teeth,and re-sculpting the tooth surfaces for an even ,aesthetic appearence.

Traumatic Bite

When the teeth in the upper jaw do not align correctly with the teeth in the lower jaw, it results in pressure on teeth during biting and chewing. If left uncorrected, it can cause pain and loosening of teeth. Traumatic bite is corrected by grinding tooth surfaces to ensure balanced and aligned jaws.


Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth-By the age of 65, most senior citizens have an average of 19 teeth remaining. Replacing the teeth can be done in various ways - removable teeth fixture or fixed teeth fixtures, surgical or non surgical. Various choices of teeth replacements are possible for every condition, every need and economics. Ask your dentist for the one that suits your need. (Professional charges from Rs 1500-25000).


General advice for well being and diet

Age related health needs to be maintained with a specific combination of diet and exercise.We provide appropriate diet and dental care advice to best maintain the dental health of senior citizens.