Surface Scaling

Surface Scaling is advised to prevent gum disease (pyorrhoea). This procedure removes bacterial build up, called plaque, nicotine stains; paan/gutka stains etc from the teeth and gum line. This is followed up by a quick fix Flossing lesson to match up to your life style.


Oral Prophylaxis

Oral Prophylaxis - That’s when a dentist speaks about a thorough cleaning to remove bacterial deposits like plaque, tartar and other noxious food deposits from all around the teeth and to a certain extent, below the gum line. It’s also done to remove oral causes of bad breadth.


Pregnancy/Hormone related issues

Pregnancy/Hormone related issues- Did you know that pregnant women are more susceptible to tooth decay, loosened teeth and gum diseases? This occurs because of all the gymnastics of hormonal changes that the body goes through during pregnancy. If left untreated, severe gum disease can lead to low birth weight or even premature delivery of the baby. We can help you manage these problems and ensure you have healthy gums and teeth during pregnancy. Pregnancy Gingivitis is one condition that you should watch out for during your second trimester of pregnancy. Flossing really helps here.



Fillings protect the tooth from further disintegration and decay. Fillings are done with various tooth coloured or non-tooth coloured materials. They may be permanent or temporary depending on the depth of the cavity. Delay of fillings leads to total destruction of tooth structure and leads to various infections. Root Canal Treatment is done to rectify those infective and uncomfortable conditions. Totally destroyed teeth have to be taken out to prevent the spread of decay to the other teeth.


Cosmetic corrections

Cosmetic corrections improve smile aesthetics and give you a beautiful smile by using braces, teeth coatings or by simply reshaping the tooth in question.


Teeth can get stained or yellowed due to age or drinking one too many beverages like cola, coffee and tea, especially if taken along with cigarettes. Whitening can help you get rid of unsightly discolouration and get bright, white teeth. Walk in during your lunch break and get a dazzling smile in less than an hour!


Post motherhood braces

Teeth tend to loosen during pregnancy due to all the hormonal changes in your body. If your teeth have moved too much, we can use braces to bring them all back into place. Women in the age range of 28-48 need to watch out for these changes post- motherhood.

Teeth grinding or Bruxism

Teeth grinding or Bruxism - Bruxism refers to grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaw, often in sleep, as a result of stress. Treatments include mouth guards; mouth splints, relaxation techniques; sometimes, simple de-worming medications work wonders.



Involves gently reshaping tooth enamel, altering the size and shape of the teeth, and re-sculpting the teeth for an even and pleasant appearance. It also relieves painful and uneven bites.

Emergency Pain Management Solutions

Emergency Pain Management Solutions - We provide various pain management solutions, these vary from person to person.